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What on earth is multichannel information delivery? Well, it started with the childcare act 2006 and the embedded information duty within it. The act places a duty on local authorities to provide information to parents and carers of children about childcare and other related subjects. It fleetingly mentions kiosks as one of the delivery methods but isn't very specific about how the delivery is fulfilled.

So, we decided to specify and multiply the number of delivery methods and begin to loosen the 'kiosk' as the primary means of delivery.

In short, our multichannel information delivery strategy is:

Multiple information channels:

- On Screen
Any web-based information can be viewed and used interactively. The system using white-listing to protect and prevent the end user from viewing unauthorized content.

- Printed Pages
The user can print out web pages of interest which are sent to a local wireless printer, commonly positioned behind reception.

- Telephone call
Using the latest Voice over IP telephony we are able to provide free phone calls to the end user based on a defined set of phone numbers.

- Local and Global messaging
Local administrator can edit local messaging which appears on the kiosk. This is messaging specific to the location where the kiosk has been installed and could be details about courses and other notifications.

- E-mail
The user can request an email to be sent to them with the url of the website that they are interested in.

- SMS Text
The user can sign-up for SMS text messaging related to the subject they are interested in.

- Bluetooth Messaging
The kiosk can bluecast messages to customers as they walk near to the kiosk.

- Reporting
Our systems can help to produce usage reports from each of the kiosks using a centrally based management server. The server acts as the hub for managing your kiosks and allows you to change settings and other things. Your reporting feature shows detailed information about how the kiosk has been used and shows the benefits which have been produced for your end customers.

The user can choose one or more delivery methods which suits them while the bluetooth messaging option deals with passers by who will not engage with the machine.

Multichannel information delivery is available as standard on all of our touch screen kiosks right now! It means the focus is where it should be - on the information delivery itself and not necessarily the touchscreen.

Our systems are also able to be used with multiple languages, using buttons to select the language you would like to use.

Combine your multichannel information delivery kiosk with surveypoint - our online consultation software to get real-time feedback from your service users. With surveypoint you can create online questionnaires and surveys and view the results of the surveys using the central management system.

All of our systems feature colourful graphics, your choice of colors and icons and bespoke plastics. We can even change the software for minor updates if required.

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Multichannel Information Delivery

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This article was published on 2010/03/31