Delivery Specialist Vs Delivery Person - Getting to Each Stop on Time

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When making deliveries time is of great importance, getting to each stop on time can be very difficult. My first job as a delivery driver was for an appliance store. I had to cover a 150 mile radius, making 14 to 18 stops a day in and around Philadelphia, PA. I spent 10 to 12 hours a day fighting traffic, driving over the speed limit most of the time. I found myself getting further behind as the day progressed.

On one occasion my boss; John came along to fill in for my helper who had called in sick. I missed a turn and was forced to make a u-turn on a busy street. I had to wait several minutes for traffic to clear, go back and find the street I had missed. I had to wait for five minutes till traffic cleared and I could proceed to my delivery. The house I needed was half a block away and it had taken me eight minutes or so longer than it should have.

My boss looked at me and said "Sometimes if you slow down you'll get there quicker."I was thinking he must be crazy. John looked at me and smiled. When I thought about it awhile I realized he was right, every time I missed a street and had to turn around it cost me precious time. Speeding caused me to miss the street signs I would have seen had I been going a little slower. When I took my time and slowed down I noticed that I was able to shave 30 minutes off my driving time.

I contemplated this for several weeks and decided I could apply this to many of the mistakes I was making. Taking time to make sure the warehouse crew had pulled the correct model numbers and verifying the proper colors before I loaded the appliances. I have had to go back to the warehouse on several occasions to correct this error.

By using the "slow down you'll get there faster" technique I was able to make all my deliveries in much less time. I took my time driving and saved 30 minutes. I verified all my orders saving hours on return trips. I even took my time carrying the appliances into the homes to stop damages from occurring.

Taking the time to do things right the first time is the mark of a true professional. It will save you time and money to train your people using this technique. "Sometimes if you slow down you'll get there quicker." Before I heard my boss say those nine words I was a delivery driver. For three years John took the time to give me the proper training I needed. When I left that job I was a Delivery Specialist. I still use those words today when I train Delivery Specialists. I just smile when they look at me like I must be crazy and remember I once thought the same thing.

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Delivery Specialist Vs Delivery Person - Getting to Each Stop on Time

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This article was published on 2010/03/28